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Selling Ad Space

1. Why use Banner Garage?
2. I already use Google AdSense to sell ad space. Why should I use Banner Garage?
3. What's the best way to sell online ad space?
4. What does Beta mean?

1. Why use Banner Garage?
Every business, large and small, is looking to increase sales.

Banner Garage can help you achieve that goal quickly and simply.

If you are a web site owner that generates revenue from selling online ad space, Banner Garage can help you maximize unused space by matching you with businesses looking to advertise online. We not only match you up, we help make sure that your web site matches their demographics by allowing them to select various criteria when searching for web sites with ad space.

So for less than the cost of a cup of coffee for one month, you can begin to increase your online ad sales today!

Click here to create your account for FREE.

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2. I already use Google AdSense to sell ad space. Why should I use Banner Garage?

Great question! Here are four reasons why Banner Garage is a nice complement to running AdSense on your web site.

One: No Editorial Control

By far the biggest downside to AdSense is the lack of editorial control. You have few options to block ads you might find inappropriate.

Two: Click and Gone

When a visitor clicks on an AdSense ad, they leave your page and are gone. Set it so display ads you sell open a new window, keeping the visitor on your page.

Three: Guaranteed Revenue

AdSense generally only pays out if someone clicks on your display ads. Using Banner Garage, you can generate more steady income by selling the ad space for periods of times.

Four: Your Reputation

Google blends their ads as seamlessly into your site as possible, potentially confusing the reader as to what is an ad and what is your content. This can lead to problems and even potential lawsuits.

Use Banner Garage to maximize ad revenue on your site without fully relying on Google AdSense.

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3. What's the best way to sell online ad space?
Advertisers are always looking for ways to more effectively reach their target audience.  The more focused you can describe who your site visitors are, the more likely you will attract the right advertisers.

Here are some data you should provide to advertisers:

  • demographics of visitors if possible (age range, male/female, industry, sub-industry)
  • main topic of your site
  • secondary topics of your site
  • visitors to your site by month
  • successes of advertising on your site
  • client testimonials or quotes are always good to

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4. What does Beta mean?
Beta simply means the site is still officially in testing mode. Our goal is to create the best experience for you, and that means refining it until we go fully live.

This means your feedback is important! Sign up either as a first time buyer or seller, or provide feedback to us on what you like or don’t like about Banner Garage, and automatically be entered to win monthly prizes. Click here.

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