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Banner Garage is the marketplace to buy and sell banner ad space. Our easy-to-use service allows you to buy banner ad space on web sites that suit your needs, or sell banner ad space if you own a web site. Either way, Banner Garage will help you with your online marketing needs.
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Auto & Transportation (45)

Gaming (81)

Other (120)

Banking & Financial Services (44)

Government & Policy (5)

Retail (50)

Business Services & Consultancy (97)

Health (66)

Sports (51)

Energy (6)

Heavy Industry (9)

Technology (119)

Entertainment & Media (198)

News & Current Affairs (26)

Travel & Leisure (36)

Foreign Language Websites (5)


Find Website Advertising Just Right for You

Does finding the right website advertising that fits your exact needs seem like an impossible task? This could be a huge problem if you rely heavily on website marketing to drive traffic, leads and sales. Sure, there are search engines and their respective ad programs such as Google’s AdSense. But in reality there are serious limitations and lack of control with contextual ad programs with search engines. No, to really find accurate and timely website advertising, you’ll need to have the ability to find site advertising that specifically targets who you’re after. For example, if you sell newborn baby clothes, you want your website promotion and advertising to only appear on internet advertising that targets parents of newborns. Using search engines don’t give you this degree of selection for website advertising. Only Banner Garage can deliver highly targeted website advertising by simply matching buyers and sellers of online ads.

Buy and Sell Space for Banner Ads

Banner Garage is the largest market to match buyers and sellers of space for banner ads. The way it works is simple. Sellers of space for banner ads will post information about their website, such as the number of unique visitors, total impressions, demographics and other detailed info about the website. Buyers looking to spend money on marketing for targeted banner ads simply come to Banner Garage and run a quick search based on what they’re looking for. When they find websites that match their marketing goals, they simply notify to contact the seller. The buyer and seller take it from there and complete their transaction. It’s that simple! Now everyone has quick access to targeted banner ads, rotating banner ads, Flash banner ads and more.

Looking to Sell Web Banner Space and Earn Additional Revenues?

Why would you want to use Banner Garage for your web banner needs? Think about the time you invest in web banner ad design. Think about the budget you’ve spent on your site’s web development. Doesn’t it make sense to make sure your web banner ads are running only in targeted locations where prospects most likely to need your service will be? The era of mass marketing is truly over. The most significant contribution of the Internet to advertising is the ability to serve up ads (both web banner, video, text and yes even pop-ups) that are relevant and contextual. Try a personal experiment. Think about the magazine ads you’ve seen in the last while (if you even still read magazines). Now think about the frequency of you responding to any of the ads. Now compare that to online ads and the frequency you responded. If you’re like me, you likely click on web banner ads, text ads and video ads much more. Why? Because something in the ad was relevant to what you wanted. That’s the power of Internet advertising.

Looking to Purchase Web Banners Specifically Targeting Your Prospects?

And that’s the secret of success for Banner Garage: giving buyers and sellers the ability to find targeted web banners that fit their specific prospect profile. For business owners looking to increase the advertising revenue they make, Banner Garage is a great way to supplement regular income streams at an affordable cost. In fact, for less than the price of a cup of coffee, website owners can post their available ad spaces for web banners and tap into a huge potential market of internet marketing professionals looking for sites exactly like yours.

Banner Garage – Targeted Advertising Your Way

Forget fancy hidden formulas by search engines promising targeted advertising. With Banner Garage, you gain access to targeted advertising that works. That’s because there is no substitution for marketing that directly matches buyers and sellers. You are free to buy and sell advertising exactly the way you want. Targeted advertising campaigns should show higher click through rates, higher conversion rates and all the good stuff you’d expect from improving relevancy. So don’t wait, sign up today and open up a whole new world of website advertising for web banners.

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